Scopevisio enables organisations to focus on their core business by automating daily work.

Our vision is to create time for people to focus on creativity and impact.

Our vision is to create time for people to focus on creativity and impact. - Header Bild
Scopevisio enables organisations to focus on their core business by automating daily work. - Header Hintergrund
CCI Award 2023 Gold Enterprise Saas
EPR System des Jahres 2023
Innovator des Jahres 2022
ISO 27001 Zertifizierung

In 2023

> 31 M €


> 5.4 K


> 11

sectors served

> 297


Scopevisio enterprise software market leader

in midmarket cloud enterprise software in Europe

Scopevisio develops industry-independent, holistic enterprise software for medium-sized companies to simplify and automate business processes. The solution is an integrated platform that covers the functional areas of finance + accounting, ERP, CRM, HR, ECM and organisation. This scalable multi-tenant cloud application, marketed as a SaaS model, is a “moving-forward platform” for consolidating a multitude of legacy applications.

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Scopevisio a holistic and integrated business automation platform

transforming the way people do business

Scopevisio Business Automation Platform


  • Contact & Customer management
  • Project management
  • Tasks and activities
  • Offers and invoices
  • Invoice management
  • Time stamping
  • Contract management
  • Travel expense report
  • OpenScope API

Sales / CRM

  • Campaigns
  • Lead generation
  • BANT/Lead qualification
  • Potential and offer
  • Pipeline management
  • Sales process
  • Weighted forecasting
  • 360° customer view
  • Further CRM integration
  • Sales controlling


  • Professional Accounting
  • GoBD certified
  • Payment processes
  • Banking
  • Main cash desk
  • Group accounting
  • Asset accounting
  • BI integration
  • Controlling

Procurement / ERP

  • Invoice receipt book
  • Suppliers & Creditors
  • Internal request
  • Purchasing
  • Ordering
  • Material management
  • Bill of material
  • Warehouse
  • Stock
  • Product management

Human resources

  • Employee management
  • Employee onboarding
  • Wage & salary calculation
  • Payroll management
  • Payroll accounting
  • Payroll distribution
  • Payroll cost evaluation
Workflows DMS / ECM

Our path to sustainable growth


launch of function module finance

2015 / 2016

launch of function module organisation

2016 / 2017

launch of function module DMS / ECM

2017 / 2018

launch of function module sales & marketing
+57% revenue growth (y-o-y)

2018 / 2019

launch of function module API platform & sales / CRM
+51% revenue growth (y-o-y)

2019 / 2020

founding Car eCommerce CARMATO
+35% revenue growth (y-o-y)

2020 / 2021

launch of function module human resources
+37% revenue growth (y-o-y)

2021 / 2022

Lawyer Solution Legalvisio
~60% revenue growth (y-o-y)

2022 / 2023

launch of function module procurement
~50% revenue growth (y-o-y)

Scopevisio executive board

Scopevisio - Dr Jörg Haas
Dr. Jörg Haas
Scopevisio - Alexander Kintzi - enterprise software
Alexander Kintzi
Scopevisio - Dr Lukas Pustina - enterprise software
Dr. Lukas Pustina
Scopevisio - Dr Markus Cramer
Dr. Markus Cramer
Cloud enterprise software specialist

Living and growing into new work

Scopevisio has changed the way of working in the last couple of years and has been adapting and growing into a new way of work. We are now even more flexible, inclusive and mobile. We believe in trusting and empowering our employees; it is all about how we work and how we achieve the best results and retain the best talents.

Our people and our technology are at the center of our organisation.

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